Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Working in a team of four, we created two explainer videos to help acquaint new inpatients to the Peter Mac hospital wards. The deliverables were an overview video about the patient’s stay, and another focussing on the hospital’s meal ordering system.


Located in Victoria, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is Australia’s only public hospital dedicated to cancer care and research. They provide many services to patients, such as radiotherapy, surgery, pathology and imaging.

The hospital treats over 40,000 patients annually, some of whom return often for treatment. Their strategic directions are to offer world’s best cancer care, and cancer education for both staff and patients.

Tools / Methods

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Procreate

Scriptwriting, storyboarding, animatics, asset creation, animation

Role / Duration

Script writer, storyboard artist, asset designer/illustrator, motion designer

August to November 2022


Olivia Groves

Linda Montealegre

Kirrilee Broughton


Peter Mac recognised a gap in patient knowledge about what is expected during their stay as an inpatient. 

For instance, many wards offer only one bed, which means new patients cannot ask questions of roommates who may have greater experience of the ward. Likewise, nurses are often too busy to address these questions, especially so in our current healthcare system.


Peter Mac required a series of educational videos for the purpose of patients and staff alike. Recognising the gaps in availability of information, two motion graphics responses are to address the above points. 

A thorough walkthrough regarding a day in the life as an inpatient, which will help the patient understand the flow of the ward, shaping their expectations around the stay. The videos will play on the screen in the ward, following their check-in. These videos should address the following areas: the patient’s room; their care team and nursing shifts; their access to the entertainment system – including their ability to order meals; storage; their whiteboard – a means of communication between staff and of their discharge date.

Given its breadth and detail, a separate meal order video was to complement the overview video, guiding patients in how to order their daily meals at the hospital.

Overview video

overview motion frames

Meal ordering video


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