About Me

A drop of UX, a pinch of compassion, and just a hint of accessibility.

– Fairy Godmother (Shrek 2)

Hey there, I’m Tara Sleeman, a UX designer with a passion for compassion! A little like a Bratz doll.

As a vegan autistic Buddhist, I bring a holistic approach to every project by incorporating kindness, accessibility, and mindfulness. 

From wireframes to final prototypes, I prioritise understanding and empathising with diverse user needs, ensuring that every digital experience is not only intuitive and engaging but also inclusive and ethical.

Tara Sleeman photo

My Pillars

Illustration of a pig's face to represent animal rights, one of Tara's pillars

Animal Rights

Being vegan, I design with compassion, prioritising transparency and sustainability. My work promotes ethical choices and respects all living beings.

Illustration of a lotus to represent Dharma


Guided by Buddhist principles, I create mindful and inclusive designs. I strive to build digital experiences that foster harmony and interconnectedness.

Rainbow infinity symbol to represent neurodiversity


As an autistic designer, I advocate for neurodiversity. I seek to craft accessible and empowering digital experiences for all cognitive abilities.

Curious about my logo? I'd be too!

At first glance, it might remind you of a half chakram, reminiscent of Xena: Warrior Princess…

However, the design actually represents my surname, Sleeman. Or, to keep things sleek and brand-friendly, SLMN – because I have a fondness for four-letter brand names.


Chat with me on all things...

An illustration of a pile of multicoloured books
Books and reading

In primary school, I set out to read 300 books for the Premier’s Reading Challenge (the most coveted of awards for a young bookworm). I quite modelled myself on Matilda Wormwood!

An illustration of a clapperboard to represent Tara's love of films
'80s or early 2000s movies

Back in the day I could quote the entirety of the Mean Girls script by heart. It was truly my superpower. In recent years, Napoleon Dynamite has become my go-to… What am I doing with this About page? Whatever I feel like doing, gosh!

An illustration of Xena's half chakram (which does happen to look a little bit like Tara's logo!)
Xena: Warrior Princess

There’s nothing quite like a ‘90s heroine, and Xena truly was the role-model for a young girl in the 2000s. My logo shares an eerie resemblance to her chakram, and I would like to think “I have many skills” too.

An illustration of Brussels sprouts
Plant-based nutrition

I love Brussels sprouts. They are my favourite crucifer and favourite non-starchy vegetable. Crucif(er)y me. Likewise, if you’ve never eaten a Hawaiian sweet potato, get on that! They’re gorgeous and purple, like a gem!

An illustration of an easel filled with paint splotches and a paintbrush
Reclaiming hobbies

I don’t have a green thumb but I do have a love for leafy greens, so taking up gardening seems like a no-brainer. I can also paint a mean garden gnome. That’s the beauty of a hobby: you don’t have to be perfect, just enjoy the process!

An illustration of a sheep's face to represent animal rights and veganism
Animal advocacy

The plight of farmed animals is one I hold near and dear. Living in cattle country you are truly in amongst the reality of these dear beings’ suffering, so having the outlet of volunteering at a sanctuary for rescued farmed animals is very rewarding.

Contact Me

Hello again! If you feel like working together, or to chat about my many passions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.